Shooting with Louis & Nina
@Filmfest München 2017

Client  Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH
Photographer  Mike Kraus
Technical Direction & Capturing  Marc Perino
Trainee  Alicia Protze
Thanks to  Diana Iljine and Andrea Rudert
Equipment  Hensel, Fuji XT-2, Apple Macbook Pro & iPad Pro, TriggerWizard
Sponsor  Hensel
Location   Studio Munich, Germany

While at the Filmfest München 2017 we had two shootings with actors Nina Gnädig and Louis Nitsche both of whom were very funny up for the task. Thanks Nina and Louis.
It was also one of those rare occasions where we had a trainee on set  - Alicia Protze - who helped us out with lighting and setting up shots. Thanks Alicia.


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