Marc Perino


Marc Perino

Free art project

Photographer Mike Kraus
Postproduction & Capturing Marc Perino
Production Soap Images
Equipment Hensel, Nikon , Apple
Chief rigger Manfred "Ösi" Bachler
Photo assistants Yannick Gleichauf, Adalbert Adalcinzski
Making of DOP Fabian Vogl
Making of Editor Michael Job
Chief horse wrangler Angela Koberstädt
Public relations Jana Hünermann @Cavalluna Park
Fine Art Prints Stefan Acs @Pendart Kunst & Produktion
Location Cavalluna Park in Munich, Germany

In 2018 Mike had the idea for a free art project involving three different colored horses in front of three similar colored backgrounds. After much pre-planning and organizing we did a first test shoot at the end of October 2018 with a few horses to determine the technical challenges lighting for such a large canvas and the temper of the horses. After rearranging the lighting setup and the re-evaluation of the security measures for humans and animals we finally came up with a revised plan.
One week later we finally did the “real” shoot and everything went smoothly. After the shoot day with the animals we went into the studio to shoot some accessories which should be displayed in conjunction with the horses as diptychs.

After countless hours of retouching in postproduction by Marc and refining the images in the difficult large format printing process by Stefan Acs the artworks were finally finished by mid-May. On the 16th of May 2019 Mike had a big vernissage to present his artwork to the public and the event was a complete success with lots of media coverage. For further making-of videos and tv coverage scroll down this page…


Making Of - Shooting


Making Of - Vernissage