Marc Perino


Marc Perino

Key art development for US horror movie

Commission  key art development
Client  Constantin Film, Emjag Productions
Concept & Creative Direction Mike Kraus & Marc Perino
Retouching  Marc Perino
Finishing Marc Perino & Constantin Film
Producer Janine Barth
Thanks to  Azuka Stekovics, Oliver Berben

Towards the end of 2018 we were approached by Constantin Film to develop a key art design for the upcoming US horror movie »The Silence« starring Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka as father and daughter. The film is based on the novel »Silence« by Tim Lebbon that was published in 2015. Although it superficially shares a resemblance with some elements of the film »A quiet place« the tone of the film and the threat, movement & look of the creatures are vastly different.

After watching the movie we started playing around with ideas in our heads and incorporated them into the designed photoshop sketches (below). The challenge was to create something unique which was only produced from photographies from the still photographer on set and stock footage. A photo shoot with the principial actors was not budgeted. The resolution from the final film was too low for usage in print products


Digital assets


Rejected artworks (design unfinished)

The concepts shown here are unfinished design artworks.
They were produced as »photoshop sketches« to convey the original idea or a mood.