Marc Perino

Filmfest München 2018 - Emma Thompson

Marc Perino
Filmfest München 2018 - Emma Thompson

Mike & Emma & Marc (triggered by Fabian Vogl)

Emma Thompson

Commission  Official photography for »Filmfest München«
Client  Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH
Photographer  Mike Kraus
Technical Direction & Capturing  Marc Perino
Retouching  Marc Perino
Making Of  Lichtbilder (Benedikt Schulte & Paul Müller-Hahl) & Fabian Vogl
Thanks to  Diana Iljine and Andrea Rudert
Equipment  Hensel, Nikon D850, Apple Macbook Pro & iPad Pro, TriggerWizard
Sponsor  Hensel, Arri
Location  Gasteig Munich, Germany

This year we were graced by a visit of the wonderful EMMA THOMPSON. For longer than usual she scattered her fairy dust of charm all over us and everybody was enarmored of her presence. She was truly a great sport and showed us all how professionalism and cheerfulness truly looks like. Thanks, Emma! ❤️