Marc Perino

Article in »Photographie Magazin«

Marc Perino
Article in »Photographie Magazin«

Antje Traue,
Florian David Fitz
Max Tidof, 
Sonja Gerhardt,  
Peter Kraus
Vinzenz Kiefer

Commission  Promotional Photography
Publication  »Photographie Magazin«
Clients  Alice & Hardy Krüger
Photographer  Mike Kraus
Retouching & Capturing  Marc Perino
Equipment  Hensel, Canon 5DM2
Location  Munich, Berlin,

Our photography projects were featured in a 6-page article in »Photographie Magazin«. The actors that were displayed were: Antje Traue, Florian David Fitz, Max Tidof, Sonja Gerhardt, Peter Kraus and Vinzenz Kiefer