Marc Perino

Filmfest München 2017

Marc Perino
Filmfest München 2017

Mike Kraus & Marc Perino are »breaking badly« with Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston, Josh Homme,
Bill Nighy, Sophia Coppola,
Fatih AkinJulia Jentsch,
Emily KuscheEva Nürnberg,
Flora Li Thiemann,
Fares FaresMina Tander
Tyron Ricketts, Annika Ernst,
Anna Fischer, Annette Frier,
Max Simonischek,
Anne-Catrin Märzke
Frida Lovisa Hamann,

Commission  Official photography for »Filmfest München«
Client  Internationale Münchner Filmwochen GmbH
Photographer  Mike Kraus
Technical Direction & Capturing  Marc Perino
Retouching  Marc Perino
Trainee  Alicia Protze
Thanks to  Diana Iljine and Andrea Rudert
Equipment  Hensel, Fuji XT-2, Apple Macbook Pro & iPad Pro, TriggerWizard
Sponsor  Hensel
Location  Gasteig Munich, Germany

Although we were »breaking badly« we worked again in the 6th year on behalf of the Filmfest München to portray the stars that come to visit the festival and our studio. This year we had the honor to photograph:
Flora Li Thiemann & Emily Kusche (»Tigermilch«), Anne-Catrin Märzke, Tyron Ricketts, Annika Ernst, Mina Tander, Annette Frier, Fares Fares, Frida Lovisa Hamann, Julia Jentsch (»Das Verschwinden«), Max Simonischek, Anna Fischer, Fatih Akin and a few international celebrities like Josh Homme (frontman of the rock combo »Queens of the Stoneage«), Sofia Coppola (director of films such as »Lost in Translation« and »The Beguiled«), Bill Nighy (»Love Actually«, »Pirates of the Carribean« »Underworld« »Harry Potter«) and - of course our personal hero - Bryan Cranston (»Breaking Bad«, »Malcolm in the Middle«, »Godzilla«, »Wakefield«, »Argo«).

Below in the gallery there  are behind the scenes impressions of 2017 and some of the final images we produced...


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