Toyota Live Show

About 2 months ago we shot a 30" TV commercial for auto manufacturer Toyota featuring german TV show hosts Nazan Eckes and Olli Geissen. Together they presented the "Toyota Live Show" with a bunch of celebrities (including The BossHoss which we photographed and filmed before) that aired exclusively on the internet and in Toyota car dealerships. This type of game show event has never been done before and is pretty much unique in the european advertising landscape. The TVC ran about 2 weeks in advance of the final show on all major TV networks.

Production company was Lovestone Film, Berlin and our DOP was the very funny and talented Christopher Häring. Below you can click through some making of images from the set in Cologne's famous "E-Werk" venue. Thanks to the lovely Nazan and the always good-humored Olli for their incredible patience with us shooting many takes. ;)


Making Of